Kicking Off the 2017-2018 Year!

Hello everyone,

If this is your first time being exposed to Alabama Future Problem Solving, then welcome! If you have been involved with Alabama FPS before, welcome back! This website is one of many upgrades in which Alabama has been invested this summer to make the Future Problem Solving experience as great as we can for you as coaches, students, parents, and any other interested parties!

Throughout the year, there will be updates posted here to keep everyone apprised of what is going on with Alabama FPS so be sure to bookmark the home page! If you have worked with Alabama Future Problem Solving before, you will notice that we are not using the ROCS system this year. Accordingly, registration will take place through this website. See the Register link at the bottom of the website or under the Coaches tab at the top of the page.

Also under the Coaches tab, you will notice a password-protected link that directs to a page called “Resources for Coaches.” Alabama is making strides in providing enrichment opportunities to our coaches for each of the topics, as well as research related to the topics and/or practice scenarios that we create throughout the year. These resources will be available to all registered coaches!

We are developing a resource area for our students, too! This year, the primary focus will be on research related to the topics, but as we grow, so, too, will the student resource area. It is our hope that our students can contribute to this endeavor, such that we can have a student resource area for the students… by the students!

Evaluators, your topic notes will be provided electronically through this website this year as well. We are recruiting new evaluators, so if you have had previous exposure to the FPS process, please do consider applying! Coaches, we strongly recommend that you complete evaluator training! It can yield significant insight into the judging process and help your teams strengthen their own booklets!

Our calendar is posted at the bottom of the website under “Important Links.” Please be sure to review it as soon as possible, so that you are able to plan accordingly for the upcoming year! If you attended State Bowl 2017, this calendar has been modified slightly from the dates presented there, so be sure to update your personal calendars with these dates!

As always, if anyone has questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, please contact us with them! We are here for you and want to adapt to serve you as best as possible!

David Conner
Affiliate Director

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